Man on a Mission (2021) Jay Jesse Johnson

Man on a Mission“Johnson’s Man On A Mission is a bare-knuckle roadhouse scrapper with a tight power trio sound.  He makes the most of the huge rock pocket put down by bassist Reed Bogart and drummer Jeff Donaldson, wailing out his solos and gravel-throating his vocal with fever and frenzy.  The three musicians make up a monster ensemble that knows exactly how to bring down the walls.”

Down the Hard Road (2017) Jay Jesse Johnson Band

Down the Hard Road art“Down The Hard Road is the sixth album from the guitarist and vocalist Jay Jesse Johnson and his band featuring Reed Bogart on bass, Lee Evans on keyboards and Jeff Donaldson on drums.  The guitar driven blues rock fans will definitely love this album, JJJ and his band are on fire on this record.”

Set the Blues on Fire (2015) Jay Jesse Johnson Band

Set the Blues on Fire art2“This album is fully-loaded with a dozen outstanding original blues songs delivered by one of the most bodacious guitar players around. Johnson surrounds himself with great talent as well. Joining him is bassist Reed Bogart, drummer Jeff “Smokey” Donaldson, and keyboardist Lee Evans, making one tight as hell band.”

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